Welcome to Field

a development environment for making digital art

Field is an open-source software project initiated by OpenEndedGroup, for the creation of their digital artworks. It is an environment for writing code to rapidly and experimentally assemble and explore algorithmic systems. It is visual, it is hybrid, it is code-based. We think that it has something to offer a diverse range of programmers and artists.

Places to start

  • GitHub — Field's source code is hosted on GitHub
  • News — what's been happening recently in Field development?
  • Features — what is Field and what can it do for you?
  • Downloads — where to download the beta versions of Field
  • Documentation — jump straight into the documentation of Field's features.

Get Involved

You can Email field at openendedgroup.com with questions or, preferably, join our group — we're happy to hear from you.

We are on GitHub here.

The OpenEnded Group's main website contains more general audience information concerning the group's work, history and future plans. This site provides tools that will aid the development of Field by a growing open source community. Field is distributed under the GPL v3 license, and includes, depends on or is deeply indebted to several other open source projects. You can get our source code here.