Sketch 4

Sketch 4 is about sound and/or notation — reacting to the image and notational materials seen in class. You can choose to investigate notation strategies, sonic mappings or both. Some points of departure:

  1. Notations, John Cage (1969)
  2. Documentation on the new support for “grease pencil” (drawing directly on canvas in Field) and the new intersection support (how to ‘read’ out an FLine over ‘time’)
  3. I didn’t get a chance to really talk about this in class, but here’s the documentation on the fundamentals for sound analysis in Field

The goal, as before, is to produce a short animation clip that unfolds and satisfies when played “fullscreen”. Feel free to reuse geometry and temporal strategies from earlier sketches in order for you to focus on the new ingredients. And again, the marking rubric for this assignment is centered on experimentation — evidence effort, reflection and just a little discovery in what you hand in.

Due Sunday, Feb 11.