Saccades evokes the intricate web of connections between paintings, sculptures, chairs, windows, doorways, and spaces throughout the isabella stewart gardner museum, which it navigates not the way a physical visitor would, but rather the way the mind might as it follows a fleeting paths of association.

The 36 minute 3D film is divided into 24 sections, each of which enacts a different kind of formal mechanism. Many of its sequences (but not all) are blazingly fast.

The music is composed by Downie & Kaiser with Tom Chiu (flux quartet), with source material drawn from music composed and performed on the violin by Chiu for the OpenEndedGroup installation into the forest (2011).

Saccades is the second or our artworks to have emerged from a recent series of artists’ residencies at the Gardner Museum (the first being knight’s rest (2013). It premiered there on 6 March 2014.