Knight´s Rest (2013 DOWNIE ESHKAR KAISER)

Knight’s Rest is a meditative encounter with the Gardner Museum’s Spanish Chapel. A five-minute 3D film, it derives from a single camera movement that moved into and then back out of the space in a pattern unconsciously resembling that of the knight’s move in chess. Advanced software analysis of the frames generated a 3D reconstruction of the space, so that the camera movement could be shifted to angles otherwise unreachable – for instance, looking down into the small chapel from above the ceiling.

The accompanying soundscape is a contemporary take on Domenico Scarlatti sonatas, composed by Jaroslaw Kapuscinski. on a piano in the Museum.

Knight´s Rest premiered at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in October 2013 and was then screened at the Musuem of Modern Art in November 2013. Commissioned by the Gardner Museum, it is the first of three works to result from an extended artists’ residency in 2012-13.