Sketch 2

Sketch 2 is about synthesizing three things:

  1. the Stage as a place to put geometry;
  2. the spatial and color ‘re-mappings’ afforded by that new code.
  3. and the unfolding of code in time.

The goal is to produce a short animation clip that unfolds and satisfies when played “fullscreen”. You may take as your starting point a piece of geometry that you worked on for Sketch 1, or return to the simpler rectangular forms of Richter et al. Simpler forms might serve you better here, for you are now in a position to approach rhythm, repetition, attack.

You may, if you wish, incorporate externally produced images into this sketch (using the texture mapping functionality of the Stage). If the material that you incorporate isn’t yours, it should be cited appropriately and utterly transformed.

The real ‘prompts’ here are two new key pieces of documentation:

  1. The Stage
  2. Notes on time in Field —

Again, the marking rubric for this assignment is centered on experimentation — evidence effort, reflection and just a little discovery in what you hand in.

Due Sunday Jan 28.