Lecture Notes on Field and Processing from Pratt's DDA

The information posted here follows the Field related notes from the Graphics Programming class at Pratt Institute's Department of Digital Arts. The class website is http://2rem.net/pratt/dda620f09 where you can find more information and Processing code examples.

DDA620/Spring 2010: A brief introduction to python and Field by way of Processing

Video: Getting started with Field. An overview of python for Processing programmers

Video: Introduction to Field via Processing. http://2rem.net/pratt/dda620f09/notes/week06/

Video: Classes in Field. Bouncing balls example. also see Classes in Processing. More bouncing balls http://2rem.net/pratt/dda620f09/notes/week09/dda620w09class.zip

DDA 584/Fall 2010: Code for Digital Media

Lecture 1: Introduction to Python and the Field environment

Getting started with python and field (video). Going over the hello python tutorial - http://2rem.net/pratt/dda584f10/notes/w01/.

Working with the Processing library. http://2rem.net/pratt/dda584f10/notes/w02/.

Drawing in Field with Processing. Field UI elements http://2rem.net/pratt/dda584f10/notes/w03/

Python in Maya. Connecting to Field via Telnet transform and XMLRPC. http://2rem.net/pratt/dda584f10/notes/w04/

Controlling Points and Gravity in Processing (traer). Creating models in Maya with Python. http://2rem.net/pratt/dda584f10/notes/w05/

Classes,Inheritance, Automatic Execution, 3D Drawing in Field. http://2rem.net/pratt/dda584f10/notes/w06/.