‘Hard Sync’

This doesn’t really count as ‘documentation’ per se: merely a placeholder, a provocation and perhaps a promise. This code here:

var Hard = Java.type("trace.sound.Hard")
new Hard("/Users/marc/Desktop/field_stage_recordings/000064", 1024, 1024)

Will turn a Field jpg save directory into a mono and stereo .wav file by ‘simulating’ the optical area of a traditional analog filmstrip. To get everything synced up, you’ll want to edit your saving code to dump your Field document at 48 frames per second (and, then, interpret your saved file at 48fps).

Be careful with your ears — this is not headphone music until you’ve listened to it once (and maybe smoothed it out with some wet reverb).

Play with texturing, _.stage.background.w=0.1 and push yourself to build interesting, ‘multi-box’ timelines with rhythmic material in them.