Waves (Paignton Postcard) (2014 DOWNIE ESHKAR KAISER)

A two-minute film in 3D, Waves (Paignton Postcard) evokes the faded present of the beach, boardwalk, and ocean in Paignton on the “English Riviera.” Video hovers in space as if projected from a phantom home movie projector, the picture-postcard colors and impossibly smooth slow-motion suspending the time of the present moment into the past. The white foam of the waves’ churn resolves into the rumpled sheets of a ghostly bed that extends back into the illusory depth of 3D before fading out like a dream.

Waves premiered at the Rome Film Festival, November 2012, where we accompanied it with plant and All Sides of the Road in a program we entitled In Place. The video material was also used to different effect in projections for the chamber opera Twice Through the Heart (2011).