Upending is by OpenEndedGroup (Marc Downie, Shelley Eshkar, Paul Kaiser)

Music: Morton Feldman, String Quartet (1979)

Performers: FLUX Quartet (Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris, Max Mandel, Felix Fan)

Curator/Producer: Micah Silver

Co-Producer: Johannes Goebel

Project Manager: Ian Hamelin

3D Video Systems: Eric Ameres

Production Assistant: Mick Bello

Director of Photography: Nat Johnson

Actors: Aerial East, Jane Kaiser

Gaffer and Assistant Cameraman: Mike Bloch

Recording Engineer: Todd Vos

Audio Editing: Jeff Svatek

Tracking Engineer: Jesse French

Mix Supervisor: Tom Chiu

Special thanks to Silicon Imaging, who kindly lent a pair of S12k-mini cameras, and to Elizabeth Simon, Noah Snavely, and Rick Fronek.

Upending was constructed in Field, an open-source software package created by OpenEnded Group.