Ulysses VR (2017 DOWNIE KAISER)

Ulysses VR catapults the cinematic materials of Ulysses in the Subway into the very different medium of virtual reality where the 3D imagery is all made up of live geometry. You can explore what you see from any distance and any angle — you can put your eyes directly into a sideways waterfall of color and line or you can step outside the visualized stream of sounds to see it arcing from future to present and then back into the past. Meanwhile what you hear is also set precisely in space around you, so that when you put move your eyes into the imagery, you also plunge your ear into the sound it visualizes.

In one scene,the stream of imagery bends around you in a horseshoe shape, so that when you turn to the right, you can track the future sounds as they race toward you, and turn to your left see them receding into the past. Towards the end, the sound comes to a rest and the final moment of pictured sound enlarging into a vast chamber that now extends far above and below you. In another scene, the pictured sound is now formed out of a diaphanous material that acts as a fluctuating projection screen for images of the past, seemingly emanating from your eyes. In front and around you, you glimpse subway passengers from a 1905 Edison film, and as you look, certain of these figures seem to meet and hold your gaze.