Pockets of Space takes two separate forms — as VR and as installation. In VR, it matches interactive binaural 3D sound with immersive imagery comprising up to 300,000 separately controlled points generated in real-time. In installation form, it combines high resolution 3D sound delivered over a 64-loudspeaker hemisphere with 3D projection.

Fusing 3D sound and image, the work plunges its viewers deeply inside the intricate workings of their perceptual systems and consciousnesses at large. Vast and unexpected spaces unfold for eye and ear; in virtual reality the viewer often floats in imagery that not only extends in every direction but also comes so close as to touch and seemingly penetrate the body.

Created in collaboration with composer Natasha Barrett, Pockets of Space was commissioned by IRCAM and was exhibited in both VR and installation forms at the Pompidou Center in summer 2018.