All Day presents a kaleidoscope of Brooklyn spaces, from its vast skyline and horizon to its brownstone stoops, its backyard gardens, its murals and playgrounds. The work’s nonphotorealistic scenes are derived from 14,000 photographs captured in the neighborhoods near the Barclays Center, which commissioned the work.

The animations of All Day exist in three distinct forms: as gigantic images on the LED “Oculus” just outside the main entrance to the arena on Atlantic Avenue (the subway escalator from the station below brings you right up in front of the Oculus overhead); as synchronized sequences in a five-screen installation inside Barclays Center; and as a 5-minute 3D film for cinema.

The All Day Oculus and 5-screen installation displays opened on 10 October 2013 and will be on permanent display there (eventually alternating with our earlier adapation of After Ghostcatching in the same formats.

The All Day 3D film premiered on 11 November 2013 at the Museum of Modern Art.