“The great thing is to avoid that infernal facility of the brush. For preference choose a medium that is hard to work, like marble — this would be something quite new. Choose stubborn material, and conquer it by patience.” Eugene Delacroix, 20 July 1824

OpenEndedGroup comprises two digital artists: Marc Downie and Paul Kaiser.

Their pioneering approach to digital art frequently combines three signature elements: non-photorealistic 3D rendering; the incorporation of body movement by motion-capture and other means; and the autonomy of artworks directed or assisted by artificial intelligence.

In recent years, The Museum of Modern Art has acquired eight of their pioneering 3D films for its permanent collection; the Isabella Stewart Gardner Musuem has commissioned from them two 3D films and a multi-screen 3D installation; the New York, the Berlin, and the Rome Film Festivals have premiered new films of theirs; and the University of Chicago, IRCAM, Stanford, and the University of Michigan have hosted them in extended artist-in-residencies.

A PDF detailing OpenEndedGroups's many artworks can be downloaded here.